Welcome Sadie!

Sadie is a beautiful 8 month old labradoodle who will be joining Carolina Counseling as a therapy dog. She has been undergoing puppy training at The Puppy Nanny in Simpsonville and will soon graduate.  Her next training will be the ‘Good Manners Training” which will last about four months.  Sadie came to live with Dr. Herbert when she was three months old and lives with 2 other labradoodles.  She loves the farm life and has learned to sit, lay down, and fetch.  She is working on leash training and the ‘stay’ command. Sadie has lots of energy and loves EVERYONE.  She is always very happy when meeting a new friend.  Training as a therapy dog  is a long process and usually is a minimum of two years. Occasionally, Dr. Herbert will bring Sadie to the office to test her new skills – be on the lookout!